How We Do Business

It has been said buyers get three choices:

  1. Speed

  2. Quality

  3. Price


The problem is, you only get to pick two out of three.

Let us be upfront with you. Option 1 will not be available when working with us. Sorry, not sorry.

We only build a handful of timber-framed projects each year by choice. Whether we are building a greenhouse or a luxury home, our mission is to preserve the old-fashioned, hand-made timber framing process by providing the highest quality craftsmanship to our customers while teaching the next generation of timber framers while we do it. 

Each one of our projects is custom-designed. Each one is hand-crafted with hand-hewn joints and pegs. That takes time.

Have you ever compared the time it takes to make a mortise and tenon joint by hand...with a chisel...and a wooden...doing it all when you are hungry...with the amount of time it takes a CNC machine (CNC machines don't eat) in a warehouse to do the same job? Trust us, #1 is not an option. 

But we have pegged option #2! (See what we did there?)


And you might be pleasantly surprised with our pricing if you request an estimate. We are a small company that is very choosy about what projects we work on so we can fine-tune our pricing when we find a project we like. We have to warn you, we do sometimes have to say "no" or "not yet" to some projects since our timber crafting process does take time and we only have so much of it. That's why we limit our work to a handful of projects per year.

Bottom Line: If you want a two-story timber frame project to be done in two months start-to-finish, we probably aren't the company for you. But, if you are looking for the beauty and strength only slow, artisan-crafted timber framing can provide, well then, head on over to the Contact Us section and give us a shout. We promise to put down our chisels and give ya a call back.

Image by Nick Abrams

Working Together Process

Phase 1: Creative Planning

This is the seedling stage of dreaming. What kind of home are you desiring? Do you want to build a beautiful and organic respite away from the chaos of life? We'll sit down with you and dream together and be careful to let you know what we feel we can and can't do in order to make your dream a reality.

Phase 2: Design and Fabrication

We can refer you to our partner designers and architects or collaborate with yours. Once construction begins, we can either serve as general contractors for the entire project or work with your general contractor to deliver the finished timber frame package during construction. Basically, we can be as involved with the overall scope of your project as you want us to be, making sure the timber frame design integrates with your overall plans, or simply provide you with the timber-framed elements only.

Phase 3: Assembly

We will either assemble your custom-fabricated timber frame structure ourselves or supervise your general contractor during the assembly phase. 

Builders and Architects

We are always looking for new partner builders and architects to work with. Please drop us a line and we'd be happy to buy you a cup of coffee and show you our work.