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“The best friend on earth of man is the tree. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on the earth.”
― Frank Lloyd Wright

Welcome to Lone Tree Timbercraft Co. We are so glad you are here!

Troy Walling met Troy Schon in 2012 when he hired him to build a monitor style barn near Central City, Nebraska. Troy W. had a dream to build a barn "the old fashioned way" because he wanted the kind of barn that would still be standing two hundred years later. There are a lot of barns like that in Nebraska. Just drive down any county gravel road and before the odometer turns over too many times you'll see an 1800's era barn still standing as a proud sentinel of the prairie. 

The Midwest has many barns and timber-framed homes that have stood watch through the windy decades. The problem is there aren't many builders who know how to timber frame anymore. 

Troy Schon is one of the few master timber framers still around. Like Frank Lloyd Wright in the quote above, he knows the value of a solitary tree. A single tree has nearly limitless potential. Troy S. also knows the strength and beauty of hand-crafted timber-framed joinery. He's self-taught in the craft attending every workshop he could, sometimes even traveling overseas to learn a new technique. He's been mentored by some of the best timber framers in the world. 

Troy S. believes respect for the ancient timber framing technique, a process that uses the builder's hands more than machines, makes for a more beautiful and stronger finished product. The strength and respect in the builder's hands have a way of working their way into the mortise and tenon joints producing a far superior end result than modern processes can achieve. Timber frame structures held together by handcrafted joints and pegs - an entirely organic structure - can live and breathe with the seasons - something metal brackets and screws can't replicate.

Troy W. was so impressed with Troy Schon's work, he jokingly threatened to go into business with him when the barn project was completed in 2013.

That joke turned into a business. 

The two founders just couldn't shake their conviction that timber frame construction had to be preserved. They knew they had to build beautiful timber-framed homes and barns, and that we had to apprentice the next generation along the way! So, with Troy W's decades-long business background coupled with Troy S's craftmanship, Lone Tree Timbercraft Co. was born.

We are a family-oriented business (Troy W. and his daughter, Oliva, can be seen wielding the wooden hammer in the photo above while Troy S. coaches) and we believe in the good of community. When we raise a timber frame project, we often have a good, old-fashioned raising where we invite everyone in the area to join us followed by a picnic afterward! 

Our mission is to preserve timber framing as a construction technique to honor the master craftsmen who have gone before us. We are passionate about teaching the next generation of timber framers the craft and try to invite anyone who is interested to accompany us on current projects to learn. We often offer free classes and are always willing to lend a hand to anyone restoring an old barn or timber-framed house.

At Lone Tree Timbercraft Company, we are committed to preserving this ancient building technique by making artisan-crafted timber-framed projects for our customers that can be passed on to the next generation to enjoy.

Thank you for stopping by!

Troy & Troy

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